India vs Australia: Pant said that if you believe, a series victory will prove that any goal can be achieved.

India vs Australia: Pant said that if you believe, a series victory will prove that any goal can be achieved.

After winning the 89th game in the fourth game against Australia, Rishabh Pant of the India wicket said that the series’ winning Down Down proves that there is only conviction. , Everything can be achieved.


On Tuesday, Australia’s fortress, Gabba, was finally destroyed. It took 32 years and two months, but it is incredible that the injured young Indian team defeated Australia by three points in the final test and won the series 2-1.

Pant tweeted: “When the chips drop, you will work harder. In a difficult period, we will always believe in and support ourselves, and we will never forget this series of matches.

Pacer Jasprit Bumrah also said on Twitter that no one can forget the victory of this test series. “This is a victory we will never forget. This is a once-in-a-lifetime victory! It is Jai Hind that makes this team proud,” Bumrah tweeted.

The members of the Indian team, including Navdeep Saini, Washington Sundar, Mayank Agarwal and Ravi Ashwin, also expressed their happiness on Twitter after winning the Australian series.

Pant and Shubman Gill scored 89 and 91 respectively, and the Indian team defeated Australia by three shots. Opposition coach Justin Langer also praised Pant for his winning knock on the last day of the Gabba Test. He matched this game with Ben Stokes. (Ben Stokes) at the Headingley Test (i..

“This is an incredible test series with winners and losers. Cricket is the winner and it will hurt us a lot of time. India should be fully recognized, they have been outstanding. We will learn many lessons from Pant The situation really reminded me of Ben Stokes of Headingley. He came in, he was fearless, and he would be praised for that.” Lange told 7Cricket.

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India and Australia: Like Kross, Puhira will bruise all over his body at the end of the day, which symbolizes the almost irreversible toughness he provides when he faces the fierce Australian fast bowling and wins a big win.

Thank goodness, the helmet in modern games. If it were not for his protective equipment, Cheteshwar Pujara would not be on the court celebrating India’s historic victory. Instead, he will receive serious treatment in the hospital. On the last day of the Gabba Test, when he held high to surround the fortress, the Australian bowling attack completely bounced the short ball aimed at him. This is reminiscent of Michael Holding’s hammering at Brian Close during the 1976 West Indies England tour, which was immortal in the documentary “Fire of Babylon”.

Like Close, Pujara has bruises all over his body at the end of the day, which symbolizes the almost irrecoverable resilience he provides against the fast-winning Australian fast bowling ball.


He slapped his head, elbows, hands and ribs. Through his 211 games, at least ten balls blasted him. A NOR man from Josh Hazlewood flew over him like a heavyweight boxer, and then sent his helmet visor to fly. When he was 26, his finger was almost interrupted by Cummins. It was a blow that caused him to fall and he needed immediate medical attention, but he made a face and moved on.

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This is what it takes to eliminate the world’s number one bowler hat through the Indian batting lineup. This is also Pujara’s slowest 50. At the age of 56, he finally succumbed to a ball that tilted back sharply, trapping him in front of the ticket gate. Cummins finally found his man, but it was too late.

In the middle, Pujara completely avoided shooting. He couldn’t dodge or shake the ball, he just let those people hit him with the helmet. Maybe he remembered the wrong hook to New Zealand from outside the stump in the Christchurch test last year. India lost the advantage in this test after the fall and continued to lose this test and series.

“Throughout my entire career, I won’t play that ball. I don’t know why I want to play. It’s just a reaction. Usually, I don’t pull the ball from as wide as the stump,” he said in an earlier interview. Said in. “This is my biggest regret.”

He made up for his regret in Brisbane. He has marks to prove it. Moreover, the Indian dressing room no longer questioned his batting speed. “Salute to Pujala for the way he played. The way he handles the pressure is amazing,” captain Ajinkya Rahane said in the introduction after the game.

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