IPL 2021 large-scale auction: BCCI tells the franchise about the final decision to conduct a large-scale auction before December.

IPL 2021 large-scale auction: BCCI tells the franchise about the final decision to conduct a large-scale auction before December.

IPL 2021 Player Auction: The Indian Cricket Control Board has notified all franchisees that the decision on the Super Auction (Official Player Auction) will be made in December.

IPL Auction 2021

Within 4 months from now, the Cricket Control Council of India (BCCI) will have to carry out the 14th edition of the IPL. The biggest decision BCCI must make for IPL 2021 is whether to conduct a full player auction for IPL 2021 or to let the team continue with the existing lineup.

According to BCCI sources, the board has now notified the team that they will make a decision in the second week of December.

“Time is limited, but a full auction will be in everyone’s interest. BCCI sources said that the IPL board will make a formal decision in the next 3-4 weeks and communicate with all parties.

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IPL 2021 player auction: only when the board of directors decides to increase the number of teams in IPL 2021, the full auction can be conducted

It is worth noting that BCCI stated in early 2019 that the board will seek to add teams before the full player auction in 2020. Will BCCI try to increase the number of teams in the next edition?

The BCCI official replied: “It is too early to discuss this.”

At the same time, there are also reports that BCCI may place the next season’s IPL competition in 9th place. BCCI officials told InsideSport, “It is too early to talk about the new version at this stage.”

IPL 2021 full auction will help teams like Chennai Super Kings

After the collapse of IPL 2020, a team eager to rebuild itself is the Chennai Super Kings. For them, having a complete player auction would be a welcome relief. Even MS Dhoni said in a post-match interview after participating in the last league game in IPL 2020 that the rebuilding of the team will depend on the decision made by BCCI on the next player auction.

In response to CSK’s reconstruction plan for IPL 2021, Duny said: “We have to wait and see what decision BCCI will make in the next season’s player auction.”

Sources said that not only CSK, but also Rajasthan Royals, Kings XI Punjab, Sunrisers Hyderabad and Royal Challenger Bangalore’s team also had informal discussions with BCCI, and they will welcome all players for auction next season.

Inside Sport learned that the divergence of franchise rights lies in the idea of ​​a large auction in the next quarter. If CSK, SRH, and RCB are in favor of Mega auctions, then teams such as Delhi Capital and Mumbai Indians have settled down and may resist this move.

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